Paddy Mullan

Value Chain Finance Manager
Huntstown, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Favourite Coca-Cola Hellenic Product: Sprite

I joined CCH in July 2008, I started out as a Sales Information Assistant Analyst which I did for eighteen months which was a great role for getting to know the company and working with people all across the commercial and finance functions. The relationships I built here gave me an opportunity to move into a Finance role when I took up a role as Commercial Finance Analyst which I did for five years while also doing my CIMA accountancy exams. I then moved into my current role as IC and Value Chain Commercial Finance Manager.

"Building relationships has really helped me within CCH"

My current responsibilities see me manage a team of three between Dublin and Lisburn. We manage DME spend with the marketing Team, the relationships and agreements with the Coke Company, build Value Chains for any potential new products, manage the Commercial operating expenses with the Commercial team and finally work with the Immediate Consumption Channel which is Licensed, AFH and Vending. So it is a very varied role where every day brings its new challenges.

Prior to joining CCH I attended Trinity College for four years doing a degree in Business and Economics. After university I worked in Citi Group for seven months before travelling the world for a year. On my return I worked for a year in a clothes company in Belfast before getting the opportunity in CCH in Dublin.

I think building relationships has really helped me within CCH also showing an interest in learning, not just accepting things because that it how they were always done. I always try to understand why we do things and asked as many questions as possible along the way. I would advise anyone joining the company to do this and also get to know about the business outside of your role as you never know where your next role might be. I did not think I would be an accountant when I joined seven years ago.

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