Ellen Quinn

Commercial Graduate
Huntstown, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Favourite Coca-Cola Hellenic Product: Coke Life

2014 was the first year of the Island of Ireland Management Trainee program and I joined as one of two Commercial graduates.

Before beginning this program, I had just graduated from University of Limerick with a 1st Class Hons in Business & Marketing. I worked part-time for four years through college as part of the Front Office team in a 4 Star Hotel managing sales, reservations, online bookings, customer complaints & rooming schedules. I also spent two summers working in the States in Maryland and Chicago.

Coming into Coca-Cola, I wasn’t sure what to expect other than knowing we would complete several rotations within Commercial over a 22 month period. During this time we would be exposed to day-to-day tasks and Business Improvement projects. We were told to expect a fast-paced working environment…and a lot of acronyms!

"Everyday is a new opportunity to learn from the best in people in the industry"

So far, 14 months into the program, I have worked as part of the Field Sales team, the Supermarkets Channel Marketing team and the RED team [Right Execution Daily] and will be moving into Key Accounts in the coming weeks. I have worked on two Business Improvement Projects which have been a huge success, one of which concluded with presentation to our General Manager, the Senior Management Team and the Group Commercial RED Manager.

Complimentary to these roles, all Management Trainees complete multiple Learning & Development courses which are executed to an incredibly high standard. Some of the most beneficial have been Project Management, Passion to Lead, Leadership Pipeline, Presentation Skills and Microsoft Excel. The courses were very interactive; an advantage in itself as it gave us all a chance to meet people from many different areas of the business.

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