Sustainability policies

A set of internal Company policies underline our commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably.

At the heart of our approach is our Code of Business Conduct which defines the standards of business conduct we expect of all employees. Bribery and corruption is expressly prohibited, for example, and our employees are taught how this Code applies in day-to-day business. A confidential whistleblower hotline and email mechanism allows employees to report any concerns they may have.
We also implement a comprehensive set of policies on specific issues. These include:

Equality of opportunity policy
Environmental policy
EU undertaking
Fleet Safety Policy
Quality and food safety policy
Genetically modified organism position statement
Climate Change policy
Health and Wellness Policy
HIV/AIDS policy
Human rights policy
Occupational health and safety policy
Packaging waste and recycling policy
Supplier Guiding Principles
Union of European Beverages Associations (UNESDA) commitments
Water Stewardship

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